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If you would like to help, no gift is too small.  Each donation goes to cover costs of bird food, cleaning supplies, vet visits, and many other operating

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Or if you prefer to donate by check, send check made payable to:  Bird Lovers Only Rescue
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Please tune in on January 27th when  PBS' NATURE series will present "Parrots in the Land of Oz"  featuring an array of parrots from Down Under, including the elusive Palm Cockatoo.


A Special Thank You to Center for Avian Rehabilitation and Education (C.A.R.E.) in Hubertus, WI

Bird Lovers Only Rescue Service would like to extend a special thank you to those up at C.A.R.E. for their endless guidance in helping us to strive to be a more well-rounded rescue.  We would especially like to thank Alice Jubeck for teaching us clicker training during our visit on February 3, 2007 and for putting up with our millions of questions and always answering them so patiently and thoroughly.

Through clicker training, Alice and Brian have taught us that each bird is unique and responds differently, i.e. what works for one bird may not necessarily work for another.  "Nothing is black and white" and when it comes to birds, nothing could be truer.   We have sought the advice of several vets and avian experts and have found each to give their own personal blend on what is considered to be the best bird diets, training techniques, grooming, and so on. 


Bird Lovers Only Rescue Service acknowledges the quality of services that C.A.R.E. provides for its birds, and values the continuing opportunities to learn from the insightful staff at C.A.R.E.


Prairie Junior High School in Alsip, IL

All of us at Bird Lovers Only Rescue Service extend our sincere heartfelt thanks to the students and staff at Prairie Junior High School for having raised $1632 at a fundraiser in February, 2007 to assist in the feeding and care of the feathered residents here.   This fundraiser was initiated and organized by Carol Baskas, Director of Avian Education at Bird Lovers Only Rescue Service. 

Carol assembled a slide show presentation of the different birds at the rescue along with success stories of those who have been adopted.  Carol began the presentation by educating the students on the responsibilities of bird ownership as well as the expected life spans of various species.  Then Irena Schulz, Founder and President of Bird Lovers Only Rescue Service, described a few of the birds at the rescue and why the owners relinquished them.   She explained that birds go through hormonal changes during the "toddler" years as well as "puberty" and many do not understand that these phases are temporary.  Many people are not informed of the changes that the birds go through and also are not taught how to work with the bird during these difficult stages.  This was followed by several wonderful success stories with a brief description of how they ended up in their happy homes.  The presentation closed with a question and answer period.

Bird Lovers Only Rescue Service hopes that the presentation was as much an inspiration to those who attended to learn more about our feathered companions as much as it was an inspiration to us to continue to strive to do everything we can to better the lives of birds.


Thank You to South Suburban Caged Bird Association


We at Bird Lovers Only Rescue would like to thank SSCBA for the very warm welcome we received during our presentation on Sunday, August 12th, 2007. 

We also wish to thank SSCBA for their generous donations which help support our efforts


All Creatures Great and Small


Stacy Niemiec (708) 945-6923

Member of Pet Sitters International

Services include in house bird grooming (nail, wing, beak trims) and pet sitting of all creatures.  Service area includes Orland Park, IL and surrounding areas (Mokena, Frankfort, Homer Glen, Tinley Park).

Bird Lovers Only Rescue Service would like to thank Stacy and Kristin for the outstanding grooming on the birds at our rescue. .

Bird Lovers Only
Located In Northwest Indiana