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Adoption Application

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  Apt. No.:    
  Type of Dwelling:  

House Condo/Townhome  Apartment

  Home Phone (xxx-xxx-xxxx):    
  Cell Phone (xxx-xxx-xxxx):    
  Work Phone (xxx-xxx-xxxx):    
  EMaill Address:    
  Number of Years Experience with birds    
  What types of birds:    
  What types of birds do you own now:    
What types of birds are you interested in:    
Have you ever had the need to find a new home for a bird that you owned? Please Explain:

Are you willing to adopt a non-hand raised bird?:    
Are you willing to adopt a neglected/abused bird and work with the bird?:    
Do you have experience working with an abused/neglected bird? Please Explain:

Are you willing to adopt a bird that has been plucking?:    
Are you willing to adopt a special needs bird (lame, blind, etc.)?:    
May we contact about birds not on your preferred list?:    
Do you or anyone in the household have allergies, asthma, emphysema or COPD? If so, who?:    
Who will be the primary bird handler/caregiver?:     
Do you breed or sell birds? If so, for how long and what kind?:  

Most birds come to our rescue with their own cage; however, some do not. Are you able to afford an appropriately sized cage for the bird you would be adopting on short notice?:    
Do you own other pets? If so, what kind?:    
Does anyone smoke in your house?:     
If so, to what extent:    
What are the ages of your children?:    
Do you or the person handling the bird travel for a living which would require the bird to be alone for long periods of time? If so, who comes to care for them and interact with them?  
Is someone home most of the day to interact with the bird?:    
Do you allow the bird(s) to come out of the cage to sit with you or on parrot stands or play gyms? Please Explain

Will the bird be in a room that has exposure to people?:    
Will the bird be in a room that has ample sunlight?:    
Do you have someone to feed and care for the bird while on vacation? If so, who?:    
What types of foods do you feed your birds?:    
What types of foods are toxic to birds?:    
What types of household products should not be used around birds?:    
Do you supplement your birds diet with vitamins? What kind?:    
Do you have an avian vet who has seen your bird(s) for routine checkups or any other reasons?:    
Please supply the name(s) of your veterinarian(s) as well as their address(es) and phone number(s). (If you do not have an avian vet who has seen your birds, please supply the name and address of the vet that has seen your dogs/cats/other animals if you have other pets.)  

Please provide one character reference from either a pastor/minister, authority figure such as an employer/physician, or a very close personal friend. (We would need a name, what their relationship is to you, and an email address or physical address so that we may send them a reference form to fill out)

Please provide any other information that would help in finding a suitable bird for you

How far are you willing to travel in order to pick up a bird once adoption is approved?